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picture of hand holiding up a phone with the Soundscape app open with panels illustrating what is being said by the application. In the background is a city street with people walking and buildings.

Audio information in 3D - for more independence and mobility

Soundscape is a general-purpose application and allows you to switch effortlessly between using it in the real world or in the virtual world, to help build a richer awareness of your surroundings and explore your environment.

Place your phone in your pocket or bag and enjoy a hands-free Soundscape experience as it automatically calls out what is around you with any standard pair of stereo headphones!

Image of iphone screen displaying Soundscape Community street preview

Soundscape Street Preview

Soundscape Street Preview breaks fresh ground for Soundscape by providing an innovative tool for virtually exploring the world! With it, you can select any location in the world to preview the area at street level in order to familiarize and build a mental map of the space.

Soundscape Street Preview will help enrich your awareness of familiar places, and help you explore and discover new and unfamiliar places!

Watch the video

Explore the world from the comfort of your sofa

When people have more ambient information, they naturally and intuitively create better mental maps, so they can explore more and feel more comfortable and connected in new environments. Soundscape provides spatial information everywhere you go and adds functionality to existing navigation systems.

Picture of a group of people standing in an open space listening to Soundscape. One person has a guide dog, another person as a long cane.

Grow your awareness and discover new places.

Picture of a map with a path starting in a park and ending in a metropolitan area

Enrich your experience of familiar places and confidently explore the unfamiliar.

Picture on the left is a map of Amsterdam with 6 points each with numbers one through six in them. The Right has a picture of a river in the city with buildings on both sides.

Run it in the background for a rich ambient experience.

Illustration of a sphere with headphones in the center and audio heading in all directions towards the headphones

What is spatial audio?

Soundscape calls out landmarks in relation to you, letting you connect with your environment naturally and more intuitively without getting in the way of what you’re doing or who you’re with.

Illustration of a bank with a location icon and sound waves coming from it

Setting a beacon

Once you set the audio beacon to a destination, you can put the phone away and walk. Soundscape will call out roads and intersections through your headphones, putting you in control of how you want to get there.

Illustration of a city with audio waves coming outof the sky line. Under the city is three icons, a location icon, direction icon and geolocation icon

What is spatial audio?

My Location, Around Me, and Ahead of Me buttons help build a picture of where you are and what’s around you. “Around Me” will call out four points of interest in a 360-degree sweep, and “Ahead of Me” calls out five items in front of you.

Illustration of a person walking with a long can near a bus stop. Audio waves are coming from the bus stop


Unlike step-by-step instructions, sounds guide you a more natural way to move through spaces and find places on your own terms.

Illustration of a phone screen with logo and tiles

Running in the background

Soundscape can be used as a stand-alone app, or it can complement other navigational aids by running in the background, helping build a richer ambient awareness of your surroundings.

Illustration of Open Street Maps Logo, A partially folded map with a large spyglass infornt of it


Soundscape uses OpenStreetMap (opens in a new tab) data, which is a rich and constantly enhanced community-generated mapping platform.